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Events in Komárom case study areas

Water, Music, Flower Festival Tata

„Water, Music, Flower Festival” – the festival of friends and families – was held at the weekend (24-26th of June) in Tata. Visitors had the possibility to enjoy more than 150 programs at the coast of the beautiful Old Lake, e.g. special cultural, flower and sport programs, concerts and firework. The festival is expected to be held in June 2023 again!

Further information:

Plaster Casts in Star Fortress Komárom - Exhibition

Star Fortress, as element of the Komárom fortress system, was built with defensive purpose in the second half of the 19th century. Because of rapid advancements in the military technology, Star Fortress became obsolete soon and have never been used in its original function. Instead of defensive purposes, it was used as barrack, ammunition storehouse, emergency housing and vegetable storehouse; as a consequence, its condition worsened very quickly. Between 2015-2019 Star Fortress have been totally renovated and has gained a brand new function as exhibition place: the more than 100 years old plaster cast collection of the Museum of Fine Arts found their final home in the Star Fortress. Star Fortress with the permanent exhibition has been waiting for its visitors since October 2021 in Komárom.

Fantastic Roman Remains were found in the Danube river by Kelemantia

Hungarian SPOT case study area belongs to the Limes Romanus cultural heritage: two roman military legion (Brigetio, Azaum) and a military camp with defensive function (Kelemantia) were located here. The two mentioned legions were established in the territory of the former Roman Empire (in the southern part of the Danube river), while the military camp was settled beyond the imperial border (in the northern part of the Danube river). Last year, underwater archeologists were likely to discover the remains of 4 ancient bridge piers in the Danube river by Kelemantia (near the settlement Izsa), using sonar technology. The findings are supposed to be the remains of a stone bridge between Azaum and Kelemantia and are very unique, because archeologists have still nowhere discovered the remains of a bridge linking the conquested imperial areas with the Barbaricum (latter is located beyond the imperial border). Currently, a lot of questions relates to this theory, therefore, further divings are necessary to prove the assumptions.

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