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First Stakeholders’ Roundtable in Buzău County, Romania

On June 10 2021, at the Buzău County Council the first Stakeholder Round Table with relevant national, regional and local level actors in the field of cultural tourism took place. The event was organised by the Institute of Geography, Romanian Academy (IGAR) and representatives of Buzău County Council, with the support of the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Administration - coordination team of the Priority Area 3 - Culture, tourism and people to people contacts within the European Union Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR).

The meeting was held within WP 2. Policies, strategies, practices and planning and focused on identifying and exploring some of the key topics related to cultural tourism and with particular reference to the Case Study area: coronavirus, policy formulation, local engagement/local benefit, shared vision, sustainable development/green agenda, innovation, infrastructure/policy mix, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

The meeting was attended by the President of Buzău County Council - Mr. Petre Emanoil Neagu, the Public Administrator of Buzău County – Mr. Alexandru Stoica, the General Director of the South-East Regional Development Agency - Miss Luminița Mihailov, the Director of the Institute of Geography of the Romanian Academy - Acad. Dan Bălteanu, as well as the President of ANTREC Buzău, representatives of the Buzău County Council, of the territorial administrative units interested in identifying and promoting the heritage, as well as of other entities with interest in the field.

On behalf of the IGAR SPOT participated: Bianca Mitrică (Leader), Ines Grigorescu (Deputy Leader), Dan Bălteanu, Monica Dumitrașcu, Irena Mocanu, Nicoleta Damian and Paul Șerban.

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