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Joint visit of the Romanian and Hungarian SPOT teams to the Komárom-Komárno case study area

The West-Hungarian Research Department of the CERS Institute for Regional Studies hosted the staff of the Romanian Academy, Institute of Geography from 8 to 14 November 2021. The visit took place in the framework of a bilateral cooperation between the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Romanian Academy. Both Research Institutes are partners of the Horizon 2020 SPOT (Social and innovative platform on cultural tourism and its potential towards deepening Europeanisation) project. During the field trip to the case study area, we visited cultural tourism destionations in Komárom, Hungary, and Komárno, Slovakia as well, including the Fort Monostor and its Museum on the past of the Danube navigation and the newly opened Fort Csillag, which is the new home of the Hungarian Museum of Fine Arts’ plaster cast collection.

In the opening picture, from left to right: Dr. Dragoş BAROIU, Dr. Bianca MITRICĂ, Dr. Nicoleta DAMIAN, Dr. Ines GRIGORESCU, Dr. Tamás HARDI

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