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About the project

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Europe is a key cultural tourism destination thanks to a remarkable cultural heritage that includes museums, theatres, archaeological sites, historical cities and industrial sites as well as music and gastronomy. The EU-funded SPOT project aims to develop a new approach to understanding and addressing cultural tourism and to promote the development of disadvantaged areas. Specifically, it will identify different layers of data and capitalise on existing practice. It will explore emerging forms of cultural tourism, identifying opportunities and developing strategies to allow local people to gain benefit from their precious cultural assets. SPOT will engage academics and stakeholders in the development of policy proposals and generalise lessons learnt through an Innovation Tool to assist policymakers and practitioners.


SPOT is 3 years EU-funded project under the Horizon 2020 programme, focused on the study of problems related to cultural tourism. The consortium is composed of 15 partners from 14 European countries and Israel. Such a diverse team will bring in a wide range of knowledge, inspirations and ideas including close cooperation with the local, regional or national stakeholders.

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