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External sources

For an extensive knowledge about the field, the catalogued collection of external resources provides a comprehensive list of organisations, reports and projects related to cultural tourism in one convenient place.

Strategy papers

Art Nouveau, Barcelona, Spain

Spanish National Strategy for Sustainable Tourism 2019

The Catalan Ministry of Economy and Knowledge - Catalunya 2020 Vision

Catalan 2018-2022 Strategic Plan for Tourism

Tourism Marketing Strategy

Barcelona Economic Plan ‘Green Deal’

Barcelona Strategic Plan for Tourism 2020

Barcelona Plan for Sustainable Tourism 2020

Tourism Mobility Strategy in Barcelona

Special Tourist Accommodation Plan

Buzau Carpathians and Sub-Carpathians, Romania

Strategy for the Danube Region

Territorial Development Strategy (to 2035)

Master Plan for the Development of National Tourism 2007-26

Strategy for the Sustainable Tourism Development of the Carpathians

Strategy for Culture and National Heritage 2016-2020

Smart Specialisation Strategy

Strategy for Tourism Development and Promotion in Buzău County (2016-2020)

The Cyclades, Greece

Ministry of the Economy and Development (renamed Ministry of Development and Investment in 2019)

National Development Strategy outline 2019

Report 2019 ‘The Next Day of Greek Tourism’

National Tourism Strategic Plan 2014-20

GNTO Marketing Plan for 2019-20


Ida-Virumaa, Estonia

National Tourism Development Plan 2014–2020

Regional Development Policy 2020

Cultural Strategy 2020

Ida-Viru Development Strategy 2019-2030+

Kinderdijk, Netherlands

Perspective 2030

Outcome of the Top Tourism Summit 2018 (resulting in Perspective 2030)

HollandCity Strategy

Introductory Briefing for the Minister of Education, Culture and Science 2017

The Dutch Cultural System (2013 Ministry paper)

South Holland Perspective 2030

Area Perspective Kinderdijk 2030

Kinderdijk Steering Group – Advice on the World Heritage site


Komárom, Hungary

National Development and Territorial Development Concept 2030

Kisfaludy Tourist Development Programme

Tourism Development Strategy of the Central Transdanubian Region 2006

Cultural Tourism Development Strategy 2009-2013

Territorial Development Strategy and Operational Programme for Komárom-Esztergom County, 2014


Lusatia, Germany

Joint Federal Government-Länder Task for Improving Regional Economic Structure

Federal Government report on Tourism Policy 2017

Federal Government’s Cultural and Media Policy 2018

‘Tourism Concept for Brandenburg’

Marketing the Tourism Brand

Berlin-Brandenburg State Development Plan 2019

Brandenburg state parliament: "Future of rural regions against the background of demographic change" 2019

2019 report by the German Tourism Association


Ljubljana City, Slovenia

Slovenian Tourism Strategy 2017-21

Strategy for Cultural Heritage 2020-23

Regional Development Programme for the Ljubljana Urban Region 2014-2020

Culture development strategy in the City of Ljubljana 2020-2023 (with orientations to 2027)

The Valley of Palaces and Gardens (Lower Silesia, Poland)

National Development Strategy 2020

Strategy for Responsible Development by 2020 (with a perspective until 2030)

Tourism Development Programme to 2020

Marketing Strategy of the Polish Tourism Organisation 2012-2020

National Strategy for Regional Development 2030

National Strategy for Culture Development 2004-2020

2020 Development Strategy for the Lower Silesia Voivodship

Tourism Development Program for the Lower Silesian Voivodship

Karkonosze Theses for Sustainable Development 2011


The Mysłakowice Community Development Strategy for 2016-2020 with perspective to 2026

The Mysłakowice Tourism Support Programme 2016-2022

Media Tourism, Scotland UK

Scotland’s Economic Strategy 2015

Protecting Scotland's Future: the Government's Programme for Scotland 2019-2020

Visit Scotland Corporate Plan (2019 revision)

Tourism Scotland 2020

Scotland Outlook 2030 ‘Responsible Tourism for a Sustainable Future’

Culture Strategy for Scotland

Scottish Borders Draft Tourism Action Plan 2019

Nitra, Slovakia

Tourism Development Strategy 2020

Strategy for the Development of Sustainable Tourism until 2030

Slovak perspective on Agenda 2030

Culture Development Strategy 2014-2020

Strategy for the Protection of Monuments Fund (2017-22)

Introductory report for the National Strategy for Regional and Territorial Development of the Slovak Republic to 2030

Economic and Social Development Programme of the Nitra Self-Governing Region 2016-22

Nitra Strategic Tourism Marketing and Development Plan 2014-20

Concept of Cultural Development of the City of Nitra

A Programme of Economic Development and Social Development of the City of Nitra for the years 2015 – 2023

Piedmont Landscape and Literary Park, Italy

Strategic Plan for Tourism 2017-22

National Tourism Agency Annual Plan 2020

Strategic Tourism Plan to support the development of the Piedmont Destination 2019

Activity plan for the regional enhancement of Piedmont 2020

Activity plan for the regional enhancement of Piedmont 2020 post-Covid-19

Activity plan for the regional enhancement of Piedmont 2021


Southern Moravia, Czechia

State Tourism Policy Concept in the Czech Republic for the period of 2014 – 2020

Implementation Plan for the State Culture Policy 2014-20

Development Strategy of the South Moravian Region 2020

Tourism Development Programme for the South-Moravian Region 2014-20

Styrian Iron Route, Austria

Plan-T – The Masterplan for Tourism

State Tourism Strategy 2025

Beit She'an Valley, Israel

Prime Minister’s Infrastructure for Growth report 2019

Policy Documents

WP4 WRC Policy Documents- UB

Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic

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