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Ljubljana? Yes, Ljubljana. It lies in the centre of a country called Slovenia. Being on the crossroads of Europe, and with the neighbouring countries like Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia, Ljubljana represents a European hot SPOT where the phenomenon of cultural tourism flourishes. Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and one of the 26 municipalities in the Ljubljana Urban Region. The city is the hometown to almost 300,000 residents, predominantly Slovene, however, lately also more and more international. Thus, the city which went through all the European historical phases, namely Roman-Medieval-Baroque-Renaissance-Art Nuovo-Modern-Post Modern, has a lot of potential to invite you as a cultural destination.


Its long history and rich architecture are one of the main reasons Ljubljana has more than 2 million arrivals of tourists per year. Slovenian National Theatre Opera and Ballet, the National Gallery of Slovenia and the Slovenian National Theatre Drama are all cultural institutions of national importance, however, of a less of a magnet to international tourists, that can be found in Ljubljana. But there is much more, with the city lately focusing more on the life-style flare and urban experience promotion, presented to a tourist as a place-based tourism.


We have many culinary festivals taking place at the Main City Market, designed by our renowned architect Jože Plečnik, who was lately also recognised by UNESCO. You wish to experience more unconventional culture? Visit an autonomous cultural centre Metelkova, where you can enjoy a variety of concerts and art exhibitions of alternative culture or experience the city’s history, architecture and feel of the city on all sorts of bike tours!


Although the city is small (which also means it is very walkable), nonetheless, it offers various types of accommodation for every taste. You will find some of the greatest hotels and hostels on the narrow streets near the Prešeren square. Some of them are overlooking the old part of the city centre or the main promenade of the city – the Slovenska street. But if you really want to experience local culture, have a coffee or a beer at one of the riverside bars. Ljubljana is very well equipped for different types of visitors that come to refill their cultural battery and its inhabitants have mastered the so-called Mediterranean style of life.


You see, we are taking this cultural tourism thing very seriously. This would not be possible without the destination management organisation Tourism Ljubljana, which in the past adopted major strategic documents for the promotion of cultural tourism on local level and acted very proactively in the challenging times like pandemics.


We invite you to broaden your horizons about Ljubljana and rediscover yourself as a cultural tourist visiting Ljubljana!



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