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School of Humanities
Center for Landscape and Culture

Prof. Hannes Palang, Ph.D.


Tallinn University is the third largest university in Estonia. The University’s School of Humanities offers both graduate and post-graduate education and hosts the Centre for Landscape and Culture working group which aims at progressing landscape theory, problem-solving approaches and contributions to landscape and management and planning. Its goal is to facilitate both the application of landscape research to practice, and the feedback from practice into research. The centre combines cultural heritage and landscape studies looking at questions of change, practice and meaning-making as well as cultural sustainability.


Scientific team

Participation in European/FP and other related projects


EU H2020 Provide (2015-18), EU FP7 Hercules (2013-16), FP6 Atlas (2005-7).


Estonian Research Agency funded projects: "Landscape approach to rurbanity (2019−23), Culturescapes in transformation: towards an integrated theory of meaning making (2013−18), Landscape Practice and Heritage (2007-12).

Several COST networks.

Main tasks and interest in this project

  • Responsible for research activities and contribution to WP1, WP2, WP 3

  • Contributions to dissemination (WP4) and management WP5

  • In charge for the Estonian case study

Case Study 7: Ida-Virumaa region of Estonia (Estonia). This case study would benefit from more cultural tourist exposure to enjoy the gastronomy and culture of the mostly Russian-speaking areas. The proximity to Russia could attract tourists from the East as well as the West.

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Hannes Palang, Professor of Human Geography
+372 619 9557

Jaanika Vider, Research Fellow

Mirjam Uuskari, Project Coordinator

+372 6199 575

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