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Wageningen University & Research, Wageningen, Netherlands

Dr. Bas Pedroli


Wageningen Environmental Research is the Dutch research institute for our green living environment ( We contribute by qualified and independent research to the realisation of a high quality and sustainable green living environment. Wageningen Environmental Research offers a combination of practical and scientific research in a multitude of disciplines related to the green world around us and the sustainable use of our living environment. Wageningen Environmental Research is part of Wageningen University and Research (Wageningen UR). In research and education, we closely co-operate with the Environmental Sciences Groups of Wageningen University. Wageningen Environmental Research with five research centres (400 staff) and a cooperation with 20 chair groups in Wageningen University (300 staff) has a wide range of expertise on environmental issues. Clients include the EU, World Bank, local, national and international governments, NGO’s and commercial companies.


Scientific team


Dr. Bas Pedroli, (M) senior researcher at Wageningen Environmental Research and Assoc. Prof. at the Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning Group of Wageningen University.

Education: graduated in Physical Geography, PhD in Environmental Sciences, University of Amsterdam


Expertise: landscape, land use, policy analysis, cultural heritage and spatial planning


Drs. Marcel Pleijte, (M) senior researcher public administration at Wageningen University and Research (Wageningen Environmental Research). Involved in governance analysis, national parks management, crowd sourcing, action research.

Education: graduated in political sciences, Utrecht University


Expertise: public administration, rural dynamics, landscape services, land use change, agricultural and environmental policies


Eline Van Elburg MSc. (F) researcher at Wageningen University and Research (Wageningen Environmental Research).


Education: MSc in Geo-Information Science, MSc in Biology (specialisation Conservation and Systems Ecology), Wageningen University and Research (graduated in 2017).

Expertise: Geo-Information Science, remote sensing, land use, programming

Participation in European/FP and other related projects

FP5 projects VISTA; FP6 projects ELCAI, ATLAS, SENSOR, SEAMLESS FARO; FP7 large-scale integrated project VOLANTE; Various Advisory projects for the EEA Copenhagen, and for DG ENV and DG Agri of the EC.

Main tasks and interest in this project

  •     Leader of WP1

  •     Contributions to WP 2-3

  •     Contribution to management WP5

  •     In charge for the case study in Netherlands

  •     Hosting of one expert workshop

Case Study 6: Kinderdijk, (The Netherlands). The area contains a classical row of windmills for pumping water out of the polder, which is a popular stop for photo opportunities on tourist bus routes.

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