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The German SPOT study area „Lieberose/Oberspreewald“ is situated in the South of Brandenburg (about 100 km from Berlin to the south-east ) and represents a very special part of the north German glacial lowland. Its name “Leichhardt Land” reminds us of the ancient explorer of the Australian continent. It includes a desert-like former military training area called “Lieberoser Heide”, which is designated to become the largest wilderness area in Germany. The southwest part belongs to the UNESCO biosphere reserve “Spreewald”, this is well-known among others for its regional farm products such as pickles and nice boat trips. Near the lake called “Schwielochsee” there are marinas, campgrounds and beaches and, of course, a kangaroo enclosure at the Ludwig Leichhardt campsite.


- Mainfold.

Special engineering, visual arts amazing architecture, unique traditions and events among others from Sorbian minority

- Wild.

Beavers shape the landscape, since the otters, Spreewald’s emblem animals, are hidden! But of course, the wolf is the king of terrestrial wilderness.

- Dry.

The Lieberoser Heide is too dry to become a dense forest once again. Special paths and a lookout hill allow one to experience the heathland.

Technical description:

The German study area is the „Amt Lieberose/Oberspreewald“, an administrative association of eight municipalities in the cultural region “Niederlausitz” and belongs to the federal state “Brandenburg”. The „Amt Lieberose/Oberspreewald“ consists of the municipalities Alt Zauche-Wußwerk, Byhleguhre-Byhlen, Jamlitz, Stadt Lieberose, Neu Zauche, Schwielochsee, Spreewaldheide, Straupitz (Spreewald).

Website of the Amtsgemeinde (only available in German):

Website of the Leichhardt Land (by Tourism association, only available in German):

Peer-reviewed articles:

Syrbe, R-U., Wirth, P., Eckelmann, B., Neumann, I. (2021). Cultural Tourism in Rural Areas: Results of a Visitor and Resident Survey in the Lieberose / Oberspreewald District (Brandenburg) in the Corona Year 2020.

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