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Good Practices of Cultural Tourism and Tourism Culture

During the General Assembly on 16 December 2021 participants representing the fifteen case study areas of the project discussed the Roadmap for 2022. During the Assembly, the consortium scheduled follow-up workshops, which focus on specific research questions outlined in the Vision for 2022. The first workshop titled “Good Practices of Cultural Tourism and Tourism Culture” took place on 3 February.

Organised by WP1, the workshop centered around five themes, which were discussed in five separate groups: 1. Values of cultural tourism; 2.

Cultural changes; 3. Intangible cultural heritage; 4. Creative tourism and 5. Social media and digitalization. Besides answering the formulated questions, partners were asked to bring good practices related to the discussed themes. The subjective was to get additional material for the final report on the good practices in the case studies.

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