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IGAR team on International Geographical Union events

We would like to announce two events in which IGAR team will participate this month and were results of SPOT project will be disseminated:

1) The International Geographical Union (IGU) Pre-congress seminar on Local and Regional Aspects of Natural Hazards which will be held in Varna, Bulgaria between 12-14 august, 2021.

The paper which will be presented is entitled: The Impacts of Covid-19 Crisis on Local Cultural Tourism. Evidence From Buzău Carpathians and Subcarpathians (Romania). Authors: Mitrică B., Grigorescu I., Damian N., Şerban P-R., Mocanu I., Dumitraşcu M., Dumitrică C.

2) The International Geographical Union (IGU) Urban Geography Commission Annual meeting - Urban challenges in a complex world (organised by the Geography Department of Saint-Joseph University of Beirut), which will be held online between 23-27 August 2021.

The paper which will be presented is entitled: Economic restructuring of the one-industry towns in Romania. Transforming and reshaping the industrial space. Authors: B. Mitrică, C. Dumitrică, I. Grigorescu, R. Săgeată, P.-R. Șerban.

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