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Mendel University in Brno: the second roundtable on the topic of cultural tourism

The research team of Mendel University in Brno organized already the second roundtable on the topic of cultural tourism. In July and August, these meetings were attended by important stakeholders operating in the field of tourism within the selected case study area such as representatives of museums, tourism guides, tourist associations, tourist information centres, project managers and employees of the regional development department of the South Moravian Region. The topics of cultural tourism and its situation during the COVID-19 limitations (experienced changes, new opportunities, etc.) were discussed. Policies, infrastructures or shared visions within cultural tourism were also discussed, as well as other topics. The SPOT-IT tool prototype version as part of the SPOT project was introduced during the meeting. All stakeholders showed high interest to test it soon and give us their feedback. Roundtables are ongoing, and another one will be held in September, to which other important local players are invited.

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