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Policy roundtable of EU-funded projects on sustainable cultural tourism

On Tuesday October 11th 2022, a policy round table was held between European Police Makers and representatives of the six Transformations-04 call:

  • IMPACTOUR (Joao Martins and Marinos Ioannides)

  • SmartCulTour (Bart Neuts and Lidija Petrić)

  • SPOT (Milada Šťastná and John Shaddock)

  • TExTOUR (Julia Delenikas and Daniel Basulto)

  • Be.CULTOUR (Antonia Gravagnuolo and Aliona Lupu)

  • INCULTUM (José Maria Civantos)

The discussion was very fruitful and addressed several policy making issues, such as:

  • EU Policy

  • Europeanisation

  • EC Research & Innovation coordination

  • Innovation

  • Europeanisation

  • Sustainable Development

  • Infrastructure

  • Implementation

  • Continuous Monitoring and Evaluation

This meeting happens as a consequence of several internal meetings between the aforementioned six projects, being the last held in Lisbon, at UNINOVA premises (hybrid format), on July 5th.

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