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Professional meetings in case study areas in Hungary/Slovakia and Israel

In the penultimate week of April, colleagues from Bar Ilan University paid a professional visit to Hungary. As part of their trip, they visited the SPOT case study area of the twin cities of Komárom-Komárno, where they visited cultural tourist attractions such as the fortress system. During their stay they also visited the Hungarian partner, the CERS institute.

Following this, Hungarian members of the SPOT project went to Israel in the last week of April. At the same time, Romanian partners of the project came to visit Israel as well and the 3 teams of the consortium took a trip to the case study area of Bar Ilan University, named Beit Shean Valley and the city itself. During the trip, the teams had a meeting with an association of local residents committed to developing tourism in Beit Shean city and the Valley.

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