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Roundtables with stakeholders (the Czech Republic – MENDELU)

The research team from Mendel University in Brno addresses important subjects from the business and state sphere of the South Moravian Region within the SPOT project of the European Union HORIZONT 2020 (Social and innovative Platform On cultural Tourism and its potential towards deepening Europeanisation). Several stakeholder's meetings will be organized either on-site or online by the MENDELU team from July to September 2021 in the form of a round table discussion with experts on the topics listed below:

• understanding of cultural tourism

• Impacts of Covid19 on cultural tourism

• tourism policy at local/regional/national level

• involvement of local citizens (opportunities, benefits)

• tourism infrastructure (accommodation, catering facilities, transport)

• Sustainable Development

• vision of cultural tourism development (what we would like to achieve)

• innovation (improving the quality of the offer, reaching new customers)

• implementation (interconnection of public and state administration in the field of tourism)

• monitoring and evaluation of tourism (number of visitors, interest in cultural attractions)

• other (at discretion)

The acquired information will be elaborated and proposed to be implemented in particular forms into European, regional or local policies focused on cultural tourism. The local and regional tourism development policy is also possible to influence through cooperation among the entities within the South Moravian Region by offering the possibility of using the innovative SPOT-IT tool to facilitate decision-making processes in this area, among others.

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