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SPOT team members participated at the Centennial Congress of International Geographical Union (IGU)

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

SPOT team members participated at the Centennial Congress of International Geographical Union (IGU). The congress took place in Paris between July 18 and July 22 2022.

Irit SHMUEL, Michael SOFER, Vasiliki GEORGOULA, Bianca MITRICA, Ines GRIGORESCU, Tamás HARDI, Krzysztof JANC, Theano S. TERKENLI, Małgorzata PSTROCKA-RAK, Sylwia DOŁZBŁASZ

Presentations of SPOT team members:

Irit AMIT-COHEN, Dep. of Geography and Environment, Bar Ilan University, Israel: The fear of short-term damage to heritage sites and the possibility of converting it into long-term benefits

Tamás HARDI, Jenő FARKAS, Edit HOYK Centre for Economic and Regional Studies Institute for Regional Studies, Hungary: Urban sprawl patterns and impacts around Central Europe’s middle-sized cities

IGU 2022 07 21 Hardi_presentation
Download PDF • 2.37MB

Bianca MITRICA, Paul SERBAN, Ines GRIGORESCU, Nicoleta DAMIAN, Irena MOCANU, Monica DUMITRASCU, Cristina DUMITRICA, Institute of Geography, Romanian Academy, Romania: Cultural tourism and rural development based on tourists perception. The showcase of Buzau Carpathians and Subcarpathians

Małgorzata PSTROCKA-RAK, Sylwia DOŁZBŁASZ, Anna GROCHOWSKA University of Wroclaw / Institute of Geography and Regional Development , Poland: A Shared Vision? Stakeholders' perspectives on the cultural tourism development in the Valley of Palaces and Gardens, Poland

Irit SHMUEL, Hadassah Academic College, Israel: COVID-19 and the transformations in the perception of cultural tourism: The case of Beit She’an Valley, Israel

Michael SOFER, Department of Geography and Environment, Bar-Ilan University, Israel: The Development Path of the Rural Space in the 21st Century

Theano S. TERKENLI, Vasiliki GEORGOULA University of the Aegean, Greece: The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Cyclades: balancing between current shortcomings and future regenerative perspectives in cultural tourism

Terkenli & Vasiliki Georgoula_IGU
Download • 1.34MB

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