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Stakeholder interview, UL

In summer months of year 2021 the researchers from the University of Ljubljana carried-out interviews with relevant stakeholders from culture and tourism sector. Among them were offer providers from the culture tourism sector, managing authorities, local independent tourism guides and others. The activity is part of the second work package, dedicated to the policy and institutional analysis. The interviewees shared their opinions regarding the governance of the culture tourism in Ljubljana, quality of the tourism infrastructure and cultural offer, current development and investments in cultural tourism, consequences of the pandemic on the sector, and discussed the new forms of cultural tourism in the city. The majority believes Ljubljana offers diverse cultural tourism experience of high quality, and has a tourism infrastructure of satisfactory quality. Some interviewees stated branding of the cultural tourism offers Ljubljana focuses too much on the so-called boutique tourism offer, others are of opinion this is due to a good management and a strong vision of the sector’s development. All the interviewees think the local community should be more involved in all stages of the development of the cultural tourism offer, which would strengthen and endorse a greater authenticity of the offer. The final report will be available in autumn 2021.

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